Music is the universal language.

Through music we celebrate the richness of our culture and the depth of our emotions. Music broadens our perspective and deepens our understanding of the human spirit. This CD captures the rich diversity of the University of Michigan-Dearborn campus through a mosaic of styles and types that include jazz, pop, folk, historical, rock, blues, spoken word, World Beat, rap and even heavy metal. A collective effort of students, staff and faculty, this CD expresses in music and words the essence of the community that we know as UM-Dearborn, a culturally and ethnically diverse learning environment where difference is respected and celebrated. I hope that you enjoy this unique picture of UM-Dearborn as expressed through the music of talented members of our campus community.

A UM-Dearborn Diversity Grant to David Daniele supported production of this CD. I extend my thanks to all who contributed their time and talent to this initiative. Special thanks go to David Daniele without whose vision and technical expertise this production would not have become a reality.

Robert L. Simpson


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